Above anything else, Ere Perez, cares about the concerns women have about the beauty products they use. Our products may seem simple, but they’re made from top tier botanical ingredients, making us a 100% vegan brand.

Our company’s founder, Ere Perez, is passionate about natural healing and beauty, which lead her to start a cosmetics line. Our business is based in Australia, where we serve Latin Americans with affordable, natural products that actually works. Offering several organic skincare and makeup lines to transform and nourish one’s well-being, Ere Perez is ready to conquer the cosmetic industry by storm.

If you have been using harsh chemicals on your skin since who knows when, it’s about time that you uncover your most radiant skin through natural skincare and makeup.

Several men and women have suffered from common skin problems. It’s no secret that harsh chemicals can damage our skin greatly, and that’s why effective, hygienic, and 100% plant-based skincare is essential. It can help us maintain our young, glowing skin, as well as prevent certain skin conditions that can cause us big problems later on in life.

Here Are Common Skincare Problems Ere Perez Products Strive To Fight Against:

  • Dark Spots

These spots are the results of sun-exposure, usually found on our face and neck. Moreover, it could also be the cause of excess skin pigmentation.

  • Enlarged Pores

One of the most common problems of all. It could be the cause of genetics or your skin type. For example, those who have oily skin are more likely to have visible enlarged pores. However, it gets worse, it can also be responsible for giving you blackheads.

  • Dry Skin

Our skin also experiences dehydration. Thus, the need  for you to moisturize regularly. Most likely, those who are experiencing a cold season are prone to dryness. When it’s cold, the production of natural oils is decreasing. Therefore, the dryness increases.

Now that you’re aware of the common problems, you’re probably thinking of a solution to these. Not to worry because we have got your covered. The right skincare products can easily solve these problems.

For example, moisturizers, creams, sunscreen, and many more. In addition to keeping your skin healthy, you can also benefit from the right makeup, like our Ere Perez foundation that is known for its mild and lightweight finish.

Speaking of makeup, Ere Perez offers only the best plant-based makeup products, and they’re cruelty-free. The best thing about organic items is because it can help prevent breakouts and future skin problems.

By partnering your moisturizer with the right base and the ever popular Ere Perez blush, you’ll achieve glowing, rosy cheeks in no time. Products like Ere Perez lip gloss and Ere Perez lip tint can help give life to your dull lips while also keeping them looking plump and hydrated.

All in all, we need to consider opting for “clean beauty” products containing safe, plant-based ingredients for healthier skin health.

Ere Perez On The Benefits of Organic Makeup

  • Environment-Friendly

Using products like Ere Perez bronzer, shadows, and face creams is surprisingly safe for our environment. Not only does organic makeup help boost our confidence, but it can also help us preserve our environment.

Since the production of most beauty items involve harsh chemicals, the backlash our environment receives can be terribly damaging. The good news is that some brands like Ere Perez found a way to keep its customers feeling beautiful while also reducing toxic wastes!

  • Paraben-Free

Paraben is a preservative that makes an item’s shelf life longer. However, it has caused irritations to some people. Therefore, since most brands like to keep it safe for everyone, they remove it from the ingredients.

You should try our long line of products, such as the Ere Perez lip liner and Ere Perez mascara, to see why people are raving about organic makeup.

A word of warning, however. Once you try Ere Perez, you can never go back!