Level up your skincare routine with Lady Suite!

Lady Suite was founded by Therese Clark who had skin problems back in the day. She wishes to empower women to take care of themselves, to practice daily intimate health, and to be confident in themselves. The brand specializes in feminine wellness. She created the company because of the fact that the market lacked products for that certain area. Moreover, she was one of the first who produced natural intimate skincare products.

The brand’s current headquarters is in California. As of now, they offer a few products, one of which is the lady suite intimate skin oil. Since their products are natural, this specific one is made with plant-based oils. It is created to soothe the vulva area, especially after going through shaving, waxing, or any other hair removal method. The CEO thought about creating this skin oil after experiencing discomfort in her hair removal session.

She realized at that moment that nobody offers a product to soothe that area. The product she developed, on the other hand, has helped many women over the past few years. It specifically targets itchy, uncomfortable skin, dryness, thinning, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. This soothing oil provides moisture to help you feel comfortable in your own skin–literally. You can also benefit from using all-natural products, here’s why.

Why Should You Use Natural Products?

  • It Is Suitable For All Skin Types

For those of you who are afraid to try out new products, we just know that you’re going to love this one. Of course, we should do our research before trying out any new products “down there.” However, because it is organic, Lady Suite’s Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser for the vulva area, has shown promising results for female users minus the scary side effects!

A woman’s intimate area is pretty delicate, and we can all agree on that. That’s why it’s essential to have a gentle feminine wash to keep it clean, fresh, and pH-balanced!

  • Free From Paraben And Artificial Fragrances

Paraben and Artificial Fragrances can cause skin irritations and allergies. Always be extra careful and keep that in mind when purchasing new skincare products. Our Lady Suite facial cleanser, for instance, is free from such harmful chemicals (including sulfates), which makes it one of the gentlest and most effective skin cleansing brands out there.

Paraben is a preservative that makes a product last longer. While artificial fragrances or colorants are often added to improve a product’s aesthetic effects. However, these two are also capable of causing breakouts if your skin is sensitive so best use products that don’t use them – even if they don’t look as flashy!

  • Nourishing

Organic skincare is proven to be more nourishing than its chemical-heavy counterparts. Lady Suite feminine washes, for instance, keeps the skin near your intimate area hydrated and fresh.

Furthermore, Lady Suite’s skincare products are dermatologically tested and approved, cruelty free, and 101% vegan. Not only are these products nourishing, but tested and proven as well. The right nourishment can keep our skin plump, young, and glowing.

  • Keeps Our Skin From Aging

Chemical components that exist in regular skincare and makeup products can harm our skin. Oftentimes, to the point where it makes us look older than we are! Although not everyone is allergic to these harsh chemicals, it can still make our skin age faster.

Now, isn’t the whole point of doing skincare is to make our skin look and feel better? We can BEST achieve that by using all-natural skincare products like Lady Suite!