Lavido was the brainchild of Ido Magal, a plant chemist located in Galilee Valley in Israel, founded in 2003. As a young child, he had a passion for herbal and plant chemistry, which flourished in his grandmother’s botanical garden.

As years passed, Ido decided to farm his own plants to study, and he chose the very heart of Galilee’s Jezreel Valley to cultivate them. Israel—specifically the valley he grew up in—was rich in nature, abundant in the purest and cleanest source of ingredients he can get his hands on. Not long after making a special cream for his sister’s son, who had sensitive skin, Ido decided to build this company in the name of plant-based skincare products.

Using their own garden as their primary source, Lavido believes in delivering products from organically grown plants. They swear off of many toxic ingredients, PEGs, SLS, synthetic dyes, silicone, are among others. Their mission is to prove organic products can rival the conventional ones we have shelved in malls and stores. With this, Lavido aims to become a large company educating people about herbs and aromatic benefits and a representative of eco-friendly products and creations.

A Nighttime Skincare Routine Using Lavido

It’s time to put down those chemical-packed lotions and moisturizers for a safer, more practical choice. Include Lavido into your skincare regimen tonight with these easy steps:

  1. Facial Cleanser

After a long, hard day of work, it’s time to remove the accumulated dirt, grime, and make-up lodged in your pores. With Lavido facial cleanser, you don’t have to use any make-up remover. Their purifying cleanser will melt away make-up and impurities in one thorough wash. Densely packed with cedar, sage, and lavender oils, this has antibacterial properties that clear out your skin from any impurities. Start your nighttime skincare regime right with this product.

  1. Toner

With Lavido facial toner, you’ll be sure to get extra moisturizing with just a spitz of this on a cotton ball. Toners are known to be harsh on the skin, but that’s only because of the product’s chemicals. With Lavido’s vegan-friendly, plant-based toner, expect gentle and healing effects every night as you use it.

  1. Eye Cream

You’d want your ideal eye cream to be moisturizing, anti-aging, lightens dark circles, and combative against puffiness. All of which you can have with Lavido eye cream. Its ingredients include natural hydrosol water infused with avocado and pomegranate essential oils to keep your skin supple, moisturized, and free from free radicals. Say goodbye to crow’s feet, sagging, and dark circles thanks to Lavido’s eye cream!

  1. Serum

A serum should be packed with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients to fortify the skin’s integrity. With all of these in Lavido facial serum, plus distilled Lemon Myrtle and pressed mandarin oil, your skin will repair itself as it evens out skin patches and corrects dull, dry-looking skin.

  1. Night Cream

As you end your nightly skincare routine, your final product must be the best. With Lavido night cream, not only will your skin repair itself in your sleep, but it also keeps it supple and plump with evening primrose (high in essential fatty acids) and citrus ingredients. Let your skin rest and revive more beautiful as each day passes!