Have you ever wondered how organic skincare routines compare against your current one? We’ll tell you one thing: you’re missing out on a lot! Organic products not only keep your skin supple and fresh—with no added parabens or chemicals—but here at PATYKA, we take it one step further. All of our ingredients are derived from organic origins, and all are grown in organic farms! Originally a Parisian company, anything you get from us is a cross of natural and luxurious. We are passionate about bringing forth the rosy beauty hiding behind your skin without introducing harmful, man-made constituents!

Our roots trace back to the 1920s when France marched forward into a movement unknown and unheard of before, one of artistic development. Then came the emergence of cosmetics and perfume, to which the company known as PATYKA today was born. One of the frontiers in using natural essential and vegetable oils in our formula is the first brand to be considered and certified organic! Going natural and maintaining fragrant elegance and beauty has never been done right anywhere except here.

Daytime Skin Care Routine With PATYKA

To start your journey with our company, here’s a step-by-step process on a healthy skincare routine, starring our very own products!

Step 1: PATYKA Cleansing Foam

Early in the morning, splashing your face with warm water isn’t enough. A foam cleanser is a must! Our product is a must for removing deep-seated dirt and impurities that might have accumulated overnight! It’s an excellent choice for your first step!

Step 2: PATYKA Face Toner

If you’ve been skipping toners due to the assumption that it is “harsh” and unforgiving to the skin, think again with PATYKA’s face toner. Our natural ingredients make it, so the product leaves a gentle feeling on the skin. Not to mention, it delivers nutrients and moisturizes the skin as well!

Step 3: PATYKA Face Serum

Serums are packed with nutrients necessary to keep your skin supple and glowing, so daily use of our face serum is a must! Not only does this keep your skin hydrated all throughout the day, but it also delivers antioxidants to fight premature aging! Daytime serums are mainly required to have anti-aging properties due to the many elements you’ll face all day.

Step 4: PATYKA Face Moisturizer

Having oily skin doesn’t excuse you from this step (or any essentials oils you might add to your regimen). Extra hydration is needed against the harsh chemicals, environmental elements, and severe heat of the sun. Moisturizing fights aging and keeps cells healthy. With enough nutrients, they are less likely to die or harbor harmful dirt and sebum.

Step 5: The Miscellaneous

This step is dedicated to our products, PATYKA lip balm, PATYKA Perfecting fluid, and PATYKA hand & nails cream. Just because they’re not part of your face’s skin doesn’t mean your lips and hands don’t need some extra loving too. Apply these if you want to get an extra oomph or if you have an incredibly long day ahead.