A brand that shows its love and care through their products is rare, and that is why SALT BY HENDRIX aim to be that very thing many customers look for in a skincare company.

‘Founded by Kellie Collis, SALT BY HENDRIX is a company anchored on its intimacy with their customers. Originally named after Kellie’s son Hendrix, who had sensitive skin when he was younger, this company was born from a mother’s genuine concern.

It started as a small business, with Kellie tinkering away in her little kitchen in Sydney, Australia. Even now, as it became an established company, it still carries with it the very thing that made it stand out: carefulness and creativity.

Kellie had admitted to research long and thoroughly to make the products safe to use as one will get. She dedicated herself to making skincare lotions and serums, and bath products made of plant-based materials. Her mission is to offer accessible products made from clean, high-quality ingredients, all the while making it affordable for all walks of life.

Long week? Stressful day? Say hello to bath time!

You don’t need to book a vacation to Hawaii just to unwind and relax. SALT BY HENDRIX bath infusion and bath salts can bring it right in your bathtub! Just pour in the infusion/bath salts in warm water, and soak in for as long as you want. Enjoy the feel of luxe with their added organic ingredients as well, such as dried flowers!

They added Himalayan salt and the scent of vanilla to coax you into relaxing those tight muscles. Other ingredients such as green tea, lavender, and sweet orange oil are also infused to ensure you get a good night’s rest after your long-awaited soak.

Have a party to attend and want to stand out? SALT BY HENDRIX body glow is the key!

Do you have a gown ready, perfume on hand, but you’re feeling a little extra? Their body glow will make you shimmer like the goddess you are, inside and out! It’s available in two variations, SALT BY HENDRIX body glow – blush skies, which leaves you looking feminine and tantalizingly bronze, and golden hour, a more luxurious and queenly selection. They’re packed in minerals and vitamin E to keep your skin supple, healthy, and moisturized.

Skincare routine getting a little dull? Tweak it by adding this facial oil!

Suitable for all skin types, SALT BY HENDRIX facial oil has a very mystical name: mermaid facial oil! Packed with vitamins and minerals, this oil is very skin-absorbent and light on the face. Apply this before your serum for glowing, glass-looking skin as if from the sea. Channel your inner mermaid with a spitz of this once daily!

The serum you need is finally here!

SALT BY HENDRIX botanical facial serum is made from the native Australian Kukudu plum, which is rich in vitamin C! It helps repair damaged skin and clears out any deep-seated impurities. Enjoy its antioxidant agents for youthful-looking skin!